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Training Helps Retailers Prevent Skimming

Ready Training Online has released its online training module for helping managers and employees detect skimmers.
October 19, 2018 

ELIZABETHTOWN, Pa. – Ready Training Online (RTO) has released its online training module “Skimming Prevention and Detection.” This loss-prevention training module is the latest addition to RTO’s eLearning library.

The Skimming Prevention and Detection module was developed for employees and managers. The training covers the definition of skimming, as well as the impact skimming attacks have on businesses. Through real-world scenarios, employees are shown the important role they play in preventing skimming occurrences.

“Skimming fraud undermines the integrity of payment systems, employee trust, industry relationships and consumer trust in merchants,” said Jeff Kahler, president of RTO, in a press release. “Providing training for employees and managers that aids in detection and prevention efforts is an important step in combating this growing problem.”

The online Skimming Prevention and Detection training is available to current RTO subscription customers at no additional cost, as well as being offered through the NACS eLearning Store. Additionally, consumers can seek more information, including a preview of the skimming training, by visiting Ready Training Online’s website.